by Paul Wilmet

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Paul Wilmet is an independent Pop artist based out of Nashville, TN. A multi-talented musician, Paul has worked primarily as a session/live performance drummer and singer/songwriter. His vast experience in all genres of music bring a unique songwriting style to the table and his vocal tone has been described as "memorable" and "identifiable" by many notable producers and recording industry professionals.

Some might consider Paul a late bloomer in the music industry. There is a reason for that. In his "first life" he was a professional baseball player, having enjoyed a 10 year career with five major league teams and a season with Los Tigres de Aragua of the Venezuelan winter league. Though his major league playing time was limited by injury, Paul was part of a Texas Ranger's record setting pitching performance for "most strike outs in a nine inning game," (18) which still stands today! He shares that Ranger's record with baseball Hall Of Famer Nolan Ryan and Kenny Rogers!

The songs on Reality have a strong message, infectious groove and great melody that you'll be sure to remember! Couple that with some of the best musicians in the business and you have a great album!

"This album is refreshing and classic at the same time. Paul mastered the craft of songwriting and found a unique way to pour it into “Reality.”
RT...Tiny Drum Records


released July 25, 2012

Produced by Dennis Wage and Paul Wilmet
Recorded at Omni Sounds Studio. Nashville, Tn.


all rights reserved



Paul Wilmet Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Don't Wake Me
Nash/Wilmet BMI

We take a walk in the park, the warm summer sun shines,
And her hair is dancing in the wind, her finger's tangled up in mine,
She gives me a smile, and hypnotizes me with her eyes,
And then my heart beats a little bit faster, how lucky am I,

It's getting to the part where she's giving me signs,
She moves a little closer it's a matter of time,
Her lips are almost touching mine so don't make a sound,
Don't wake me now,

I've been here before, it's an all too familiar scene,
I don't know if I'm awake or sleeping, or somewhere in between,
So morning hold on, you don't have to be so mean,
If you could wait just a little bit longer, she'll be kissing me,


Could this dream come true, or am I foolish hearted,
Either way, I can't lose,
Right now my head is up in the stars.....and

Track Name: Nothing To Do (and all day to do it)
J. Phillips/P.Wilmet BMI

Saturday morning and I'm still lying in bed,
No less than a million things running through my head, and so I
Gotta get up, I gotta get out on the road,
Working the weekend's sure making me feel old, I should be
Sitting out on the front porch just watching the day go by instead of,
Dreaming about it, every minute that I drive, wishin' I had


Nothin' to do, and all day to do it,
No expectations just wasting time away, with
Nothin' to do, and all day to do it,
I'd have a smile on my face and no particular place to go if I had,
Nothin' to do, and all day to do it,

Traffic's backed up and I'm running late again,
Going nowhere fast and my patience running thin and then I,
Look to my left and what do you think I see,
A gray haired man with his window down just chillin' out in the breeze,
And he's teaching me a lesson without saying a word, that kind of
Saturday is the kind that I deserve, 'cause he's got


I think I'll pick up the phone, what am I waiting on
I'm gonna call my boss and let him know I'm not gonna make it in,
There's an exit 'bout a half a mile ahead, I think I'll
Turn around, head back home and stretch out on the couch,
There's nothin' to worry about...when you've got

Track Name: Face To Face
P. Wilmet BMI

It's sure good to see you after all this time,
And I wish I could say that I've been feeling fine,
But I have these butterflies begging me to make it right,
So somehow, some way maybe I'll sleep tonight,

So right here, right now, while we're face to face,
There's no one around to get in the way,
Let's sort it all out, no better time or place,
Let's say what we need to while we're face to face

Words lose their meaning on the telephone,
And letters we've written never quite hit home,
Now your fortress is down and I can see your hurt,
'Cause your misty blue eyes just said a thousand words,


There'll be no where to run to and there'll be nowhere to hide,
Let's lay the cards on the table, there's no reason why,
We shouldn't have this conversation,

Track Name: Give A Little Love
P. Wilmet BMI

Give a little love, do yourself a favor,
Lend a hand to a needy neighbor,
You can do it, just give a little love,

Give a little love, don't ya keep it inside ya,
Lay it on the line, don't you ever hide it,
'Cause it feels good when you, oh, just give a little love,

Love don't come with any limit, (no no)
Just go ahead and give all you want,
You're missing out if you ain't tried it yet,
The more you give then the more you get,

So give a little love, and you'll feel better,
If you write an old friend a big long letter,
Don't be afraid no, oh, just give a little love

Give a little love oh, oh, oh
Give a little love, oh, oh, oh
Give a little love, oh, oh, oh
Give a little love

Give a little love, don't you be so shallow,
Pour your heart out and the world will follow,
All you gotta do is, just give a little love,

'Cause love don't come with any limit, (no no)
Just go ahead and give all you want,
You're missing out if you ain't tried it yet,
The more you give then the more you get,

Track Name: How Will I Ever Know
How Will I Ever Know
M. White/P. Wilmet BMI

I tremble at the sound, of your voice when you come near,
My thoughts are so damn loud, I hope nobody hears,
Now I'm staring across the room, but turn away when we lock eyes,
Unsure of what it means, so I stay in my disguise,
And hide what's on my mind,

I'm a little bit worried that, if you know where I'm at,
You just might not feel the same,
Every time that I think, I have enough courage up,
I get scared and walk away,
But ya know, then again,
Maybe on the other hand,
You'll answer with a smile,
But if I keep waiting 'til tomorrow,
How will I ever know,

You're right in front of me, I can barely stand,
This pounding that I feel, is like waves against the sand,
I'm drawn right into you, and I'm trying to ignore,
This same old lame excuse, that I've used before,


How will I ever know, when the time is right,
Just to let it go, and say whats on mind,
Even though,

Track Name: Some Day You'll Get It
So/Wilmet BMI

You twist me and you turn me, until I'm inside out,
You're cool but then you burn me, you mix certainty with doubt,

But even though, that ain't how I planned it,
I'm gonna let it go, 'cause I understand it,
One day it's right and then then next it's wrong,
But there's one thing I keep hoping and it keeps me hanging on,

Someday you'll get it, someday you'll figure out,
How you really feel about me,
Someday you'll get it, I know you'll figure out,
Just how good love can be,

You push me and you pull me, I'm the puppet on your string,
You move me oh so carefully, like I'm a pawn or I'm a king,

But this ain't a game, and I don't wanna play it,
It's a crazy thing and I hate to say it,
'Cause you fool yourself and girl your will is strong,
But the truth is staring at you, if you don't look away too long,
I know that


Suddenly the answers will come falling down on you,
Just like the rain,
I'll hang around 'til you've caught on, and do my very best,
To hide the I insane for thinking
Track Name: Like A Candle
Like A Candle
P. Wilmet BMI

I've got bills piled up, and bank accounts going down,
It won't be long 'til I'm begging for coins on a corner downtown,
It's getting hard to sleep, ya know I'm worried all the time,
And you'd think by now as hard as I work I'd be doing just fine,

I'm living on the edge of disaster
And that's all I've ever really known,
I've been down a million times before
But I guess I've never been this low

Feeling like a candle, hoping that the wind don't blow,
Doing all I can to shed a little light on a troubled soul, Just like a candle, hoping that the wind don't blow,
Yeah, I'm like a candle

But tomorrow's gonna come, ya know I'll try it all again,
Just wanna have a couple bucks left over after the family's fed,
If it's too much to ask, well hell I'll ask anyway,
It's hard to keep smiling when you're down on your luck,
In the struggle each day,

Doing all I can is never enough,
But I guess that's the way it goes,
Maybe I'm whining or feeling sorry,
But there's one thing I know for sure,


They say he won't give you more than you can handle,
but sometimes I think He just lost count,
My flame's burning low and it's flickering,
but I know it won't be put out....cuz any day now.

Track Name: Why
K. Davis/P. Wilmet BMI

Was it just a lie in my mind or was I nothing but a good friend,
It's hard for me to believe that was really all that you were feeling,
'Cause what you said and what you did had two different meanings,
You'd lock your heart in mine, and kiss me all the time,

Then came the day you moved away, then I only saw you on the weekends,
Nothing changed but the pain I felt inside of me when I was leaving,
You called me up and let me know you went and found a boyfriend,
And I didn't want to make a scene, but I wanted to scream,

Why...would you want to take my soul,
And crumble it up and just throw it out the window,
Tell me Why...did you have to be so cold,
At least you could have looked me in the eye, when you said goodbye,

I think it's funny how up 'til now you and I did everything together,
I was into you, you were into me, I thought it couldn't get any better,
When we were making love I was thinking of forever,
But then you pushed yourself away, and all that's left to say... is,

Why...would you want to take my soul,
And crumble it up and just throw it out the window,
Tell me Why...did you have to be so cold,
At least you could have looked me in the eye, when you said goodbye,
Or told me Why....

I let myself be vulnerable, but only 'cause I loved you so,
And I don't think I'll ever let this go, 'cause I'll still want to know,

Track Name: Reality
Dante Wilmet/Paul Wilmet

I wish I could hide up on a mountain, without feeling alone,
Then click my heals together, three times and be home,

But it never seems to work that way so why the endless fight,
In the corner of my mind I know, something just ain't right,
Facts and bitter truths are all I need now that I know,
That at the end of every rainbow, there ain't no pot of gold,

It's fantasy, that I've somehow believed,
I know it's up to me to face Reality,

I'd like to find some sort of magic,
To make her feel the way I do,
Where a simple snapping of my fingers,
Could make every dream come true,

My imagination runs away and I get left behind,
There's a mirror staring back at me and they say it never lies,
And every time that genie in the bottle comes around,
I end up wishing for more wishes, but he always lets me down with,


Sometimes it feels like sanity has up and left me,
Because I go round and round in circles all day long,
And though the timing of this revelation scares me,
I know there's nothing left for me inside this crazy fantasy,

Track Name: Something Good's Gonna Happen
Reuter/Wilmet BMI

The pounding of a hammer gets me out of bed,
On a day I could be sleeping in,
And half way through my shower, the water turned cold,
I thought, oh boy here we go again,
I grab the morning paper, it's overflowing with bad news,
Won't let the troubles of the outside world change my point of view
Because I know..

Something good's gonna happen today,
I can feel it in my bones, it's just a stone's throw away,
If I really believe it,
And I get up every morning, look into the mirror and say,
Something good's gonna happen,
Then something good's gonna happen,

I used to walk around town, head all hanging down,
Hoping that my luck would change,
I'd stay up half the night to wish on a falling star,
And throw pennies in the well every day,
But superstition never worked so I figured I had nothing to lose,
By reaching down inside me to find a whole new attitude,
That's how I know...


When I found a new way of thinking,
Everything started going my way,
Life's just easier when you say,


Track Name: Sure Of Myself
P. Wilmet BMI

I'm not too sure where my next dime's gonna come from but I know,
I won't let it bring me down, no I never run short of hope,
There ain't no time to worry, 'cause I believe it when I say,
It won't always be this way,

I'm sure of my self,
Sure of myself,
There ain't no doubt about it,
I'm sure of myself,

I've always tried to live my life full of faith and gratitude,
You won't catch me lying 'cause there's freedom in the truth,
I'll be the first to say I'm sorry, and it'll never take me long,
To admit when I've been wrong, 'cause


If you back me in a corner, I'm gonna fight my way out,
Sticks and stones will break my bones,
But words are never gonna harm me,


I don't need no bottle full of whiskey to have fun,
Or someone to complete me, 'cause that's already been done,
When a blue shadow falls on me, I'm not afraid to cry,
You know the reason why,


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